About Dr. Adhia

When most people turn 40, they think of slowing down; but not Jeet Adhia. At that age, he decided to go for a career change – from an unnoticed college professor to become a world renowned mind and memory trainer as well as motivational speaker. Since 1995, he has risen to fame with his ‘Spring of Inspiration’ lectures, seminars and workshops, which he has been delivering at numerous places all over the world.

Popular and recognized as a ‘Human Trainer’ and ‘Developer of Human Potential. Dr. Adhia also conducts seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics like Mind Power, Memory, Science of Living, Leadership, Happy Married Life, Relationship Building and Public Speaking – to name a few.

Born in 1951 in Rajkot – Gujarat, Dr. Adhia grew up in a one room house occupied by his parents, grand mother and five siblings. It was this poverty that became his driving force. At an early age, his father had instilled in him the goal of becoming a doctor. Even though it was a far cry from what his environment would allow, he realized this dream when he obtained the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree in 1974. He then went to Mumbai to complete his MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Community Medicine.

In the 32 years of his practice as a Doctor, Dr. Adhia had often witnessed, and had been fascinated by the in influence of abstract factors like thoughts and beliefs on the physical body. His reading habit had always re ected this curiosity. Soon he began to see the connection between the mind and body. He was so excited that he decided to make it his life’s mission to spread this understanding to others. Thus, the ‘Spring of Inspiration’ program was born.

Like all growing things, Dr. Adhia’s talk series also had a small beginning. Initially, he gave lectures on this topic to small clubs, associations, schools and colleges. But as his reputation as a speaker spread and the relevance of the topic caught on, he began to receive invitations from bigger institutions and corporations.

After great success in India, his fame crossed the national boundary. Over the years he has conducted seminars and workshops on Mind Power, Memory and Relationships in different cities of the world such as Dubai, Kuwait, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Shanghai, Taipei, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Guangzhou (China), Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Maria, Raleigh, Dallas, Nairobi, Lusaka, Kampala, Rome, Stuttgart, Almaty (Kazakhstan) etc. His programs are widely covered by print and electronic media in India as well as abroad.

The demand for his lectures had grown so immense by 2003 that he decided to quit his medical college job to devote full time to spread his message. He is now vigorously engaged in actualizing his pet project – the establishment of Mind University. This international institute envisions the participation of scholars and experts from all over the world in the study of and research on the mind.

He has been Awarded as Gnati Ratna Award by Lohana Maha Parishad and NRI Setu Ratna Award.

One frequent longing expressed by many of his ‘Spring of Inspiration’ audience was to capture the essence of his program in some way and take it home to share it with family and friends and use it for future reference. Dr. Adhia thus came out with the book ‘Spring of Inspiration’, which was initially written in Gujarati under the title Prerna Nu Jharnu. It has become so popular that it is also available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi and Brail . The author has also written many other popular books and produced CDs on various subjects like Mind Power, Memory, Relationships etc.