Create Your Destiny

Create Your Destiny

Two Days (9:30 to 5:30) workshop conducted by Dr. Adhia himself. Basically it an Advance Mind Power Workshop.


Do you know that Why do most lottery winners lose it all and end up right back at the level of wealth they started with?

Why do dieters lose weight only to gain it back and end up right back at the weight they started at?

Why do some people sabotage their own success just when they start to earn more?

We all have the experience that it is easy to set goals but very difficult to achieve it. Why?

The answer to all these is, we have a 800 PoundGorilla sitting within us who sabotage our plans. You can’t fight this Gorilla, you can only tame and train this Gorilla.

You will learn how to tame and train this Proverbial800 Pound Gorilla in this workshop


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